Are you a do-it-yourself homeowner who takes pride in handling all aspects of maintaining your property? If so, then you’re probably familiar with all the steps required to sealcoat a driveway:

  • First, you must clean and dry each crack in the pavement.
  • Second, painstakingly fill in each crack by hand.
  • Next, clean the entire driveway surface of debris and dirt.
  • Finally, apply two coats of sealant to protect the surface.

Don’t worry, the entire process will only take you most of your next day off.  Of course, that’s assuming you don’t take any breaks to escape the hot sun beating down on you and heating up the blacktop to the point where you could nearly fry an egg on it.  Here’s an idea—why not let a professional do it for you in as little as 30 minutes? Our residential sealcoating services are very affordable, and will save you hours of your valuable free time.

We also offer affordable commercial sealcoating services.  Be sure to ask us about our PSS Total Surface Protection Plan (Paving, Sealcoating, and Snow removal) that will help you save money by combining all the services you need in one package.