Case Study

The following case study illustrates the care and attention to detail that we apply to every paving and sealcoating project we complete.


Edgar Jones is a State Farm agent in Farmville, VA who was leasing an office in someone else’s building. As his business grew, he decided to move his office to a new building that was being built just for that purpose.

The Problem

Edgar needed to have his new parking lot seal coated, but didn’t want to inconvenience his customers or employees. There were no other parking areas nearby for them to use, so the only way to accomplish this would be to do the work when the office was closed. Also, Edgar is very meticulous and was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to find a contractor that met his high standards.

The Solution

Edgar solicited quotes from two contractors, one of which was Virginia Paving and Sealcoating (which at that time was still operating as Puckett Construction). The other contractor provided a quote that was very high, and his service didn’t include line striping—that would have to be coordinated with a subcontractor. Daniel Puckett and VPS won the contract, and scheduled the sealcoating job for a weekend when Edgar’s insurance office would be closed.


VPS came in on a Saturday and completed the sealcoating work in short order. On Sunday, Edgar realized that he had neglected to inform Daniel that due to the fact that the lines on the parking lot had been carefully measured to allow maximum capacity, they needed to be repainted in exactly the same spot that they were in originally. He called Daniel in a panic, thinking that it would be too late to fix since the project was already completed. Daniel informed him that he had anticipated this issue, and had marked the lines accordingly before beginning work. The lines had already been repainted painted in their original position. By Monday morning, the parking lot was ready for traffic.


“Daniel did a great job anticipating my needs and completed the project on schedule with zero hassle or disruption to my business. It was a turnkey operation from start to finish. I highly recommend his services and plan to use Virginia Paving and Sealcoating again in the future.”

–Edgar Jones, State Farm Insurance